A review of ‘The Improvising Teacher’ by Johan ‘t Hart.

Johan ‘t Hart is an educator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What can we learn from expert teachers? This is the question Nick
Sorensen puts forward in his book The Improvising Teacher. With the aid
of head teachers of secondary schools in England Nick Sorensen selected
a number of expert teachers. He observed the way they taught and found
similarities: all of these expert teachers were great communicators,
they worked efficiently and used the time of their students well. The most
important finding of the book is that in every lesson these expert teachers
adapted the way they worked to make it suitable for each particular group of
students. For this to happen they improvise on their lesson plan.

The observations described in this book lead to recommendations. Nick
Sorensen suggests that developing the ability to improvise should be included in teacher education programmes. To make this happen Nick Sorensen is currently collaborating with a Dutch initiative vriendelijkordehouden.nl that proposes similar goals.

About Johan ’t Hart
Johan is an educator and music teacher with 37 years of teaching in a secondary school: The Pieter Nieuwland College in Amsterdam. After 20 years of teaching, a former student, the rapper Tony Scott, asked if he could co-operate with Johan. For 15 years Johan and Tony worked together and started the foundation: rapucation.eu
With this foundation they organized projects based on story-telling and rap.
Later Johan started coaching teachers with vriendelijkordehouden.nl.
Currently Johan and Nick are co-operating in translating this website
into translated into friendlyandfairteaching.com.
Johan also plays in a band: conductorsband.com. Their latest album Conductors Band Classic Blues can be heard on Spotify.

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