Free Your Voice!

Since 2003 my consultancy company The Improvising School has been providing opportunities for musicians, writers, educators and others to become artful improvisers by learning the skills that are at the heart of all creative interactions. This work is summed up in the adage “learn to improvise: improvise to learn”. I am however always interested in discovering and supporting others that share the same aims as The Improvising School. Two such people are Lise Huber, who runs the Bristol, UK based company Sound Your Voice and Danielle Styles of Bird Flies Free: vocal improvisation coaching. Their partnership began two years ago when they developed a vocal improvisation course that they called Free Your Voice!

The participants of the course they ran in Spring 2022 gave such positive and encouraging feedback that they have been inspired to develop the course further.

This year they are running two levels of Free Your Voice! over two weekends.

Level 1 | 20-21 May | Gibson Road, Cotham, Bristol

Level 2 | 3-4 June | Beacon Music Centre, Southmead, Bristol

The aim of Free Your Voice! Level 1 is ‘to unlock your creative voice and overcome your nerves’.

This course is for singers who’d love to feel comfortable improvising in front of other people, but their nerves start to kick in at the very thought of taking the risk to sing out. Level 1 offers a gentle, supported journey into the magic of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation over a weekend. Through participating in improv exercises and learning simple yet powerful body–mind tools, singers will start to step outside their comfort zone and gain confidence to share their creative voice.

The aim of Free Your Voice! Level 2 is ‘to help singers improvise solo with freedom and confidence’.

This course is for singers who already have gained experience of improvising, being creative with their voice and can sing in front of others without being completely overwhelmed by nerves. Singers will learn how to practise and prepare for improvised solos, so they can really own them!

This weekend course provides a rare opportunity to focus on improvising solos, within the context of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation. There will be a chance to practise being heard soloing within a safe and supportive group. Lise and Danielle will use embodiment tools, combined with a gentle, playful approach, to loosen your inhibitions and pave the way for you to ‘take the stage’ and enjoy your moment to shine!

If you are a singer and feel that these courses provide the opportunities that you have been looking for then I would encourage you to contact Lise and Danielle. These two experienced workshop leaders are looking forward to meeting up with singers, improvising with them and helping them to discovering their unique voice.

You can find out more information about them and book a place on one of their courses at

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